The first bamboo tent manufacturer

BAMBOUSCOOPIC is the first french cooperative company specializing in the manufacture of bamboo tents and marquees.

For 40 years, François Puech has been working for the development of bamboo architecture in order to serve event actors, whether professional renters or event organisers.

Created in 2015, the BAMBOUSCOOPIC company came into being after researchers, led by François Puech, decided to create with sustainable materials.  The BAMBOUSCOOPIC cooperative company is engaged in culture, transformation and delivery of bamboo throughout France and Europe.

The cooperative aims to spread an innovative cultural, social and economical modal, through an environmentally friendly and thorough approach.

A bamboo love story

It all started in 1995, when François Puech thought up and designed the very first bamboo tent. Choosing this specific material was not a random choice. Studies and lab tests revealed that bamboo material offers a much higher compression resistance than even steel.

Three years later, the first prototype was certified by the ERP CTS standards. From here launched the BAMBOUSCOOPIC adventure.

Currently,  our tents and marquees represent most of the bamboo constructions available on the market. Within the last 20 years, we have developed a major bamboo tent rental inventory used for a good many events throughout Europe.

A network of manufacturers specializing
in bamboo architecture

In association with event sector partners, BAMBOUSCOOPIC has positioned itself as the first network dedicated to prestige rental.
Our creations ; bamboo tents and marquees, self-supporting structures and even custom construction, are both innovative and aesthetically pleasing.
The respect of the environment is our core goal since our bamboo tents and marquees are made exclusively from biomass material.

A major player in french bamboo industry

BAMBOUSCOOPIC is the only player to market a complete range of products made from bamboo cultivated in French plantations.

From culture to transformation, and then final assembly, we take care in every step of the bamboo tents and marquees construction.

We manufacture our products in our workshop in L’Ïle Bouchard, meeting every quality requirements to deliver the very best product on the market.