The bamboo marquee made by BAMBOUSCOOPIC

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At BAMBOUSCOOPIC, we create bamboo marquees for all your events. For a wedding, a prestige dinner, receptions and business seminars, choosing a bamboo structure allows one to greet the public into both a natural and contemporary atmosphere.

Play the luxury and originality card offering a truly ecologic and innovative product to your customers.

Your custom bamboo marquee

Playing the role of both designer and manufacturer, BAMBOUSCOOPIC offers you many possibilities to design your own bamboo tents and marquees. Most of our structures are inspired by a circus type top tent.

The structures are built around a central mast, surrounded with poles, a ground anchoring tensioning system, or a self-supporting ballast system.

Our bamboo marquees are available in many sizes and heights, from 4,8 to 9 meters (13 to 30 feet). We also create and manufacture self-supported marquees and tension fabric sheets to fulfill every need you may have.

Certified tents

Each of our bamboo tent and structure matches with ERP CTS requirements imposed to modulable buildings. It is required by builders to deliver marquees able to resist to 100 km/h windspeed and a 4 cm equivalent snow fall.  
From their very first conception in 2001, the bamboo masts went through the CTBA Bordeaux laboratory compression tests.
The tests proved the resistance of the bamboo material and its utility in construction, meeting the European norms requirements.
An eco-friendly marquee

Manufactured and assembled in France, our innovative bamboo structures are created with biobased materials in order to help preserve ecosystems and the planet.

The bamboo marquee is an high-end product made with an ethical and environmental approach.

All our models are made with thatch bamboo cultivated and harvested in France. We entirely recycle our old PVC cloth (Textyloop® process).

Easy assembly and disassembly

The bamboo marquee has the tremendous advantage to be very easy to settle and carry. The bamboo mast is known for being both light and extremely strong and resilient .

A bamboo structure can easily be carried and manipulated by only two people. Finally, assembly and disassembly do not require any special machinery and therefore helps avoid the destruction of a well manicured of the garden or lawn.