BAMBOUSCOOPIC is a cooperative company for collective interest (SCIC) committed to social and solidarity economy.

Who are we ? How does our cooperative work ? And finally, what are our goals ?

How does the BAMBOUSCOOPIC cooperative company works ?

BAMBOUSCOOPIC was created in 2015 by a gathering of craftpersons and local entrepreneurs. The company is involved in social and solidarity economy for which general and collective interests remain the chief focus.

Unique en Europe, BAMBOUSCOOPIC commercialise une gamme complète de produits fabriqués à partir de bambou cultivé dans des bambousaies Françaises.

Sustain and develop the French and European bamboo industry

The celebration of local talents and local production is our primary commitment. For this reason, our production will never be relocated. We have built the BAMBOUSCOOPIC company on a circular economic model focusing on the short supply circuit.

Our cooperative company is open and welcome to all. We promote the development of the French and European bamboo industry, through the reinforcement of social dynamics.

Halfway between association and business status, our SCIC gathers actors from multiple domains. Local executives, companies, financial agencies, investors, employees and volunteers all take part in the company’s decision-making process.

Each member possesses the same number of votes
within the partners assembly, no matter how big his or her contribution to the company's capital is.

The BAMBOUSCOOPIC company works on an actual democratic model and is a non for profit project.

 All the benefits created by the activity are systematically reinvested into the cooperative capital. Our bet for the future is to make bamboo known as a construction product and a raw material for the industries of the future. 

Biobasing tomorrow composites might help reduce our needs of wood and fossil materials.

Our project and the actions of SCIC BAMBOUSCOOPIC are created from an environmental point of view and a will to help relieve the pressure on the world forests and our reliance on hydrocarbons as a source for energy.

By subscribing to our cooperative, you may also be able to:

  • Discover our activities
  • Train for the professions of tomorrow
  • Foster the bamboo industry growth
  • Help improve our skills and resources
  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge

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